Football Betting Tips & Tricks

It seems that all punters are looking to find out what the tips and tricks are that professional gamblers use to make consistent profits from their football betting.

In truth there is no one single trick that you can use to guarantee that you will win every bet.. Even pro gamblers lose bets. It is about having the right strategies in place to ensure that when you do lose it does not kill off all your other hard work.

I have put together a guide to 3 tips/tricks that are used by professional gamblers to help them make long term profit from their betting. If you adopt these practices it will make you a better gambler.

  1. Money Management: This is one of the most important tricks to ensuring you become a profitable gambler in the long-term. It is no good winning three bets and then lumping everything into the fourth bet for it to lose and you lose everything you have won. Stick to a staking strategy. For example, only ever place 10% of your bank on a single bet. This way you will never lose all your funds in one go.
  2. Research: This is where a lot of people go wrong. Make sure you do some research before putting on your bets. We can often be swayed by comments we have heard from others or from commentators, so make sure you check the stats before placing your bet to ensure that there is good reason for taking it on.
  3. Don’t be greedy: Greed is the killer for a lot of new punters. You get a few wins under your belt and suddenly you feel like you can’t lose. Make sure you set limits such as a max stake that you will not exceed and limit your bets to 3-4 picks a day. Once you start going over this you are hitting the realms of trying to hard to pick winners. Many professional gamblers will only place 1 or 2 bets a day.