NFL Glossary

Here is our NFL Glossary, including abbreviations and meanings for words that may not be familiar to everyone. As the NFL season approaches, we want our users to be able to understand everything within our previews to provide you all with a better chance of finding a winner!


TD = Touchdown
PAT= Extra Point
YDS = Yards
REC = Receptions/ Catches
RUSH = Running Yards – running with the ball when starting from behind the line of scrimmage with intent of gaining yardage
INT = Interceptions – when a player on one team catches a ball from the quarterback instead of the intended receiver
FG = Field Goal
Fumble = when a player who has possession and control of the ball loses it before being tackled or scores

Offensive Positions
QB = Quarterback
RB = Running Back
FB = Fullback
WR = Wide Receiver (Receiver)
TE = Tight End
OL = Offensive Linemen

Defensive Positions
DL = Defensive Linemen
LB = Linebacker
CB = Cornerback
SS = Strong Safety
FS = Free Safety
K = Kicker
P = Punter


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