Stats Centre


Stats Centre

Welcome to the Betalyst Stats Centre! Here you can find statistics and data for both the team you support and for the popular European Leagues.

The Stats Centre is designed to provide historical data of certain betting markets to help analyse how a future fixture could play out, depending on the variables such as how many corners a team are awarded and how many they concede, the referee’s bookings for a particular match and whether a team is likely to score over or under 1.5/2.5 goals.

Combining the stats pages can produce a better outcome when placing a bet as it can increase the chances of the outcome i.e Combining Club 2+ goals with under/over 2.5 goals can narrow down the likelihood of it to occur. We try to provide you with accurate information to help ‘beat the bookies’, but as we know, nothing is certain in football!

Below are a list of our statistical data/analysis pages on the following betting markets:

  • Referee Card Stats – Provides a history of how many cards a referee has given in a match in a given league for the matches they have been in charge of.
  • Club Card Stats –  Data regarding the total amount of yellow and red cards an individual team receives within a given league season.
  • Club Corner Stats – Information of how many corners a team receives and concedes, within a given league season, home and away.
  • Club 2+ Goals Stats – Provide information on how many times a team has scored 2+ goals in a match, within a given season, home and away.
  • Club Conceded 2+ Goals – Data of how many times a team, within a given season, has conceded 2 or more goals in a game, home and away.
  • Over / Under Goals Stats – Information of how many games each team, within a selected season, has been involved in a match that had over 1.5 goals or over 2.5 goals.
  • Club Clean Sheet Stats – Data of how many times a team, within a given season, has kept out the opposition from scoring a single goal against them.