High Success Rate Betting Tips

There are a number of football betting markets that have a high success rate. This means that with a little bit of information you can generally find a large number of games that will fit the criteria for this market during a day allowing you to back them to generate a profit.

There’s an obvious downside to these markets in that they will likely have fairly low odds as the bookies are not going to just hand out money on high success rate marks.

So how do you get around this? You have to go in-play!

Let’s look at some of the markets that tend to have a high strike rate:

  1. Over 1.5 Goals: This is a market that I love betting on as there are a high number of games every day that go over 1.5 goals. My advice is to research games that you think will go over 2.5 goals and then have those flagged as over 1.5 goals games as well.
  2. Clean Sheet – No: This is a great market when you a certain that one of the teams is going to score you can bet on their opposition not to keep a clean sheet.

Now we have these two markets we will normally see that before kick-off the odds for these bets is like to be around the 1.25 to 1.30 range which is very short! The trick is to follow these games in play until the odds creep up to a more acceptable level, typically 1.40+.

Doing this also lets you get a read for the game to see if it is playing out as you expected or if anything strange happens early on, e.g. a red card.

You will find that you have a high success rate on these markets but make sure you research the games before you place yours bets to rule out low scoring games.