Referee Card Stats

The Referee Card Stats give you the history of how many cards a referee has produced within a given league season for all the matches they have taken charge of.

This can help towards identifying how many cards in a future fixture a referee could potentially produce when betting on a card market. Find below how most bookmakers judge the cards on points:

Yellow Card = 10pts | Straight Red Card = 25pts | Two Yellow Cards (Equalling One Red Card)  = 35pts


Showing referee card stats for Eredivisie

Referee Games FH SH H A Yellow Cards Y -> R Red Cards Y per match Cards per match
Jeroen Manschot1925543841792-4.164.26
Bjorn Kuipers1531302635614-4.074.33
Ed Janssen223843334881213.683.82
Christiaan Bax99241815331-3.673.78
Pol van Boekel202646343872-33.63.75
Serdar Gozubuyuk243943344882123.423.54
Dennis Higler253051344781-43.243.4
Allard Lindhout2119463134651-3.13.14
Richard Martens345459--33
Martin Perez3544591-33.33
Danny Desmond Makkelie223035343165432.953.27
Reinold Wiedemeijer119231418323-2.913.18
Sieman Mulder181240282452122.893.06
Kevin Blom243334283967332.793.04
Joey Kooij335178--2.672.67
Martin van den Kerkhof1091681725-12.52.6
Edwin van de Graaf8101071320-12.52.63
Jochem Kamphuis211537223052112.482.57
Bas Nijhuis251628182644-11.761.8
Rob Dieperink3-4314-11.331.67