Betalyst Football Cards – Feedback

I’ve been busy working away on new features for the site and am in the process of hiring some new people to come and work for Betalyst so that I can grow the site faster and keep everything up to date as currently it is only me running the site.

One of the new features I am really excited about is something that I’ve given the working title of ‘Betalyst Football Cards’. These are similar to what you might normally see from Horse Racing sites such as Timeform that provide lots of data for a horse race in an easy to comprehend card, helping you make better betting decisions. I am trying to create the same thing for football!

I have now reached a point where I would like to get your feedback before I start to polish the final product ready to make it available to you all every day.

Here you will find my cards for todays games:

As you will see it is all very basic to look at right now as I focus on getting the best data presented and will look to improve how it looks once I have all your feedback and potentially add more data to them from your requests.

Here is a quick run through of what they contain:

  • 1st line: Fixture – The first brackets contain the Betalyst pick for the match (1×2) – The second brackets contain the Betalyst supremacy score for the game… Positive numbers favour home team, negative numbers favour away team.
  • 2nd line: Has the kick-off time in GMT
  • 3rd line: Has any previous results for this fixture
  • 4th & 5th lines: Show the Both Teams To Score data for the home and away side. The first number being how many of their last 10 games HAD BTTS and the 2nd number being how many DID NOT HAVE BTTS.
  • 6th & 7th lines: Similar to the both teams to score lines, except showing games that went over or under 2.5 goals
  • Next you will find both teams last 6 games and the result of the game. It shows that teams goals first.
  • Finally you have the percentages the Betalyst algorithm has given for the 1×2, over 2.5 goals and BTTS events for that game

As you can see there is a good deal of information on these cards already but I am interested to know what information you might want to see on them that is currently missing?

If you have any ideas at all for how I can make these better, let me know in the comments section below. Or if you want to provide any feedback at all, drop me a comment.

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions and feedback.

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