NFL – Gameweek 3 Preview

NFL - Gameweek 3 Preview

NFL – Gameweek 3 Preview – We preview and predict the games taking place over the weekend from the NFL. We came close with our 8 Fold Acca last week, missing by one in the last game as The Cowboys were beaten convincingly against Denver Bronco’s. We go again this weekend!


Ravens at Jaguars

In London so no home crowd advantage for the Jags in this one, both teams have good defenses, but the Ravens have a few more weapons on offense that will give them the edge in a tight game.

Ravens to Win17 – 7

Flacco: 225 YDS, 2 TDs

Maclin: 89 Receiving YDS, 1 TD

Skybet Winning Margin – 7-12 Ravens – 4/1

Browns at Colts

Two of the worst teams in the league, both teams need a win. I’m going with the Browns in this one.

Browns to Win10 – 7

Skybet Handicap and Total Points – Cleveland Browns -2.5 and Under 42.5 Total Match Points – 9/4

Giants at Eagles

Until Further notice, the Giants have the worse offensive line in the league, and as a result their defense has to stay in the field much too long and they tire out. The Eagles have looked better at 1-1 while the Giants are 0-2.

Eagles to Win20 – 14

Wentz: 250 YDS, 2 TD’s

Jeffery: 100 YDS Receiving, 1 TD

Ertz: 77 YDS Rec, 1 TD

Skybet Winning Margin – 1 – 6 Eagles – 11/4


Dolphins at Jets

Dolphins looked good in their opening game last week and while the Jets are competitive, the Dolphins will carry over their momentum.

Dolphins to Win21 – 10

Cutler: 200 YDS, 1 TD

Ajay: 115 total YDS, 2 TDs

Landry: 88 YDS Receiving

Skybet Home Team Points – New York Jets Under 12.5 Points – 7/2

Broncos at Bills

The Broncos defense continues to impress, requiring the offense to do little. I believe that will continues here, due to the Bills not having enough weapons to wear down the Broncos.

Broncos to Win14 – 3

D Thomas: 100 YDS, 1 TD

Broncos Defense: 1 TD

Skybet Handicap Betting – Broncos (-7) – 2/1

Saints at Panthers

Division rivalry with the top ranked defense in the Panthers against the top 5 ranked offense in the Saints. Bree’s and the Saints aren’t scoring in the redzone for as many yards they gain. TE Greg Olsen is out for the Panthers, however against the worst ranked defense in the league, he shouldn’t be missed much.

Panthers to Win28 – 20

Newton: 300 YDS, 3 TDs

K Benjamin: 100 YDS Receiving, 2 TDs

Skybet Handicap and Total Points – Carolina Panthers -5.5 and Under 50.5 Total Match Points – 15/8

Steelers at Bears

The Steelers offense is rounding into form, against the struggling Bears, they will continue to develp the chemistry with all of their weapons.

Steelers to Win21 – 3

Roethlisberger: 300 YDS, 2 TDs

Bell: 110 YDS: 2 TDs, 1 Receiving, 1 rushing

Skybet Total Points Band – 0-36 Points – 9/4


Falcons at Lions

The two best NFC teams go at it and this should give us fireworks. Both offenses have been very impressive, while both defenses have improved. This will be a shootout featuring two of the top 4 NFL offenses and QB’s this year.

Falcons to Win31 – 24

Ryan: 300 YDS , 3 TDs

Jones: 125 YDS, 1 TD

Freeman: 100 YDS total, 1 TD

Skybet Handicap and Total Points – Atlanta Falcons -2.5 and Over 50.5 Total Match Points – 9/4

Buccaneers at Vikings

Tampa looked impressive in their opener, while the Vikings with QB Sam Bradford healthy looked great week 1, him missing time in week 2  showed that their offense struggled mightily. For now he’s questionable to play, and while the Vikings defense is top 5 in the league, they will not be able to contain The Bucks all game.

Bucks to Win20 – 13

Winston: 225 YDS, 2 TDs

Evans: 100 YDS Receiving, 1 TD

Skybet Match Result – Bucaneers to Win – 5/4

Texans at Patriots

The Texans defense will show up, however as they do historically their offense will not be able to matchup with the Pats, thus leaving the defense out too long to tire. It will be tight early, but in the 2nd half I see the Pats Pulling away.

Patriots to Win24 – 13

Brady: 250 YDS, 2 TDs

Gillislee: 77 YDS Rushing, 1 TD

Skybet Total Points – 0-38 Points – 2/1

Seahawks at Titans

The Seahawks offensive line has been terrible to start the year, and while the defense has played up to par, they are facing a Titans team that will be looking to establish the run, and therefore ball control for the game. This game will be a close one with both teams looking to get their offense on track, in the end I’m going with the Titans at home.

Titans to Win17 – 13

Mariota: 200 YDS, 1 TD

Murray: 85 YDS Total, 1 TD

Skybet Total Points – Under 35.5 Points


Bengals at Packers

The Packers have 11 players on the injury report, however WR Jordy Nelson will play, and their offense line has a few key guys returning to action as well. The Bengals meanwhile haven’t scored a TD so far this season, and with the firing of their offensive coordinator they will be looking to get on the board. I have the game competitive early, with the Packers pulling away down the stretch.

Packers to Win24 – 14

Rodgers: 300 YDS, 3 TDs

Nelson: 88 YDS Receiving, 1 TD

Skybet Handicap and Total Points – Green Bay Packers -8.5 and Under 46.5 Total Match Points – 11/4

Chiefs at Chargers

Alex Smith and the Chiefs have been impressive to start the year, on both sides of the ball, while the Chargers lost each of their games due to missed FG’s in the last minutes of the game. This will be competitive, I think the Chiefs have a few more weapons, and will pull it out down the stretch.

Chiefs to Win24 – 17

Smith: 270 YDS, 2 TDS

Hunt: 115 Total Yards, 1 TD

Kelce: 88 YDS, 1 TD

Skybet Handicap and Total Points – Kansas City Chiefs -4.5 and Under 47.5 Total Match Points – 3/1

Raiders at Redskins

Sunday night primetime game with a matchup we don’t often see. The Raiders are coming in looking impressive to start the year at 2-0, while the Redskins are 1-1and are looking to have the big offensive game from QB Kirk Cousins they expect. Both teams are struggling on defense, so for this game I’m expecting a shootout. The Raiders in the end will continue to impress.

Raiders to Win28 – 21

Carr: 300 YDS, 2 TDs

Lynch: 85 YDS rushing, 1 TD

Cooper and Crabtree, 1 TD each

Skybet Handicap and Total Points – Oakland Raiders -3.5 and Over 55.5 Total Match Points – 7/2

Cowboys at Cardinals

Monday night prime time game, after the Cowboys struggled and their blowout loss to the Broncos, its hard to imagine that type of performance two weeks in a row. The Cardinals have struggled and with RB David Johnson on IR, their offense won’t be able to keep pace with the Cowboys, I also expect a better and more motivated performance from RB Ezekiel Elliott.

Cowboys to Win 24 – 10

Prescott: 200 YDS, 1 TD

Elliott: 125 YDS, 2 TDs

Skybet Home Team Points – Arizona Cardinals Under 15.5 Points – 7/2


6 Fold Win Accumulator – Steelers, Patriots, Dolphins, Packers, Raiders and Panthers All to Win4.37/1 – Skybet**

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